04 August 2007

Lucky 13 part 2

So here was I, 13 years old and having sex everyday after school, I couldn't believe this cold get any better, but I was wrong, thing did get better, probably that it is why I am an optimistic.

As my father left the house my mother got in to a really heavy depression, so from one day to another I found my house full of friend of my mom, all very supportive and trying to help her to get over this.

One of them that I am going to call Math Teacher (MT) started to spend a lot of time at my house, she even stayed to sleep some nights and how I was only 13 my mother didn't found anything better to make her sleep in my room. My bed had one of those nest beds under it so every night we would pull it off and she slept in there.

One night I was really horny and wanted to masturbate but I didn't her to notice, so i waited until I thought she was asleep and started wanking trying not to make any noise but apparently i got lost in my thoughts and she woke up. I didn't notice until she reached and touched my leg, I couldn't believe it, I looked to her and she was looking at my cock and reaching it with her hand, with the other hand she touched my lips in a gesture to keep me quiet. She got of the bed and went to close the door. She gets back and jumps in my bed, take her t-shirt off and and straddles me, she bend over and I start sucking her tits, she had really bid breasts, and her nipples were light pink, after a while of this she grabs my dick and pint it to her slit, she was wet enough, so it went inside really smoothly. If you remember the other post I was getting blow jobs and hand jobs from the nanny but not fucking, this was my first fuck, I couldn't believe how good it was. By that time I was about to explode, Stared moaning so she covers my mouth with her hand, I come, but I am 13 so my dick stays hard and she keeps riding me until I come again.

After that she putted her t-shirt back, kissed me and went back to her bed. I was left there with no explanation but a good night kiss.

Next morning my mom tells me that I shouldn't close the door because MT likes to sleep with the door open.

So here I am, having the best time of my life, coming from school at 2 pm, getting blow jobs, and a lot rubbing and fooling around, and at night fucking a 26 year old blond with great tits. Brown tits for lunch and white for dinner.

21 July 2007

Lucky 13 part 1

Life has many ways to come around, when I was 13 my parents got divorced, this is not the lucky part, it was a shock and I think it has a lot to do with me not believing in marriage as something deeper than living with the person you love.

After a couple of months my mom fires the nanny because she was gossiping in the neighborhood about my parents divorce. That's when my luck started. I think my mother looked at me still as a boy and not a teenager full of hormones, so she hired a 20 year old girl as my new nanny.

Shortly after she came I started to get really obsessed with her, I will go to the bathroom with my porn mags and masturbate thinking of her.

One day I came from school and knocked at the door but nobody answered, so I go to the back to see if the kitchen door is opened, on my way I passed by her window and for my surprise and delight she was having a nap only in her undies, I couldn't believe my luck, I had a 20 year old woman sleeping almost naked in my house and she was a heavy sleeper.

After I recovered from the initial shock I put my back pack on the grass and started playing with my dick over my pants, it wasn't long before I pulled it out and started stroking it really hard until I came. Honestly I think this was one of the best jerk off of my life, the excitement of being caught and also I have only started masturbating a few months earlier, so having a real flesh inspiration was something I have only dreamed of.

This went on for a couple of weeks, by the time I was coming close to home my hard on was killing me, as a teenager you have almost spontaneous hard on just by breathing, imagine knowing that will be a naked voluptuous half naked woman to full fill your masturbation fantasies. How this could get any better?

One day I am spying and masturbating and she had the window open, in my arousal I couldn't help my self and reached for one of those round, firm brown tits, first very timidly just touched with the tip of my fingers, nothing happened, so I tried again, she was still sleeping, this time I grabbed as much of her breast as I could, she started moving in her sleep, I took my hand out and finished jerking off. I couldn't believe it my first breast.

The next day everything happened the same way, but I got more audacious, I started squeezing her nipple, she released a low moan but didn't wake up or at least didn't open her eyes.

This went like this for a couple of days more until one day I am there pinching her nipple and masturbating, I close my eyes and come. When I look back at her she is looking at me with very awake eyes and tells me "Are you done psychocook". I was in shock. I thought this is it I am busted for life, I got greedy and lost it. She is going to tell my mother and worst of all she is going to leave.

"Come in" she said

I remember I was so embarrassed I didn't move at first, I was paralyzed.

"Come in" she told me again.

Put my self together, grabbed my backpack and went to the front door, she had putted on a shirt, but no bra.

"Come with me" and she puled my to her room, we sat down on her bed, I don't know if it was because of her breast under that shirt or the embarrassment but i couldn't look her to the face. Then she starts.

"you know that it is no good to spy on people"

No answer.

"do you know that you don't touch women's breast without permission"

No answer

"Now I am giving you permission"

Then she grabs my hand and puts it over her breast. I couldn't believe it. Then she reaches and kisses me. I move my other hand to her breast, then she takes of her shirt and we lay down on her bed and I started kissing her nipples, sucking her tits in my mouth wile she grabbed my head and started taking my clothes of. After a couple of minutes i was naked and she was only on her panties, This time it was her who jerked me of while I suck and play with her tits. I just came all over her. We stayed like that for a while, then she cleaned me and send me to my room to do my homework, an hour later she brings me cookies and milk like nothing happened.

This went on for about 2 years, I came from school, she will get me naked, blow me and gave me hand jobs wile I play with her tits and pussy but no penetration, not that i didn't tried, but she wouldn't let me. At 13 that was heaven.

There is another part of the story.

07 July 2007


Today it is supposed to be a lucky day but mine started like shit, but it has gone better by the hour. I woke up at 7 am with the worst migraine i have ever had in my life, went to get a pill and some water in the kitchen and the sunlight felt like it was squeezing my brain. Went back to sleep and about 9 am woke up again with just a killer head ache, girlfriend was very nice with me and gave me a blow job to see if relieving some tension my head ache would get better, she took her time to lick my balls, and the head of my cock, she deep throated and then went back to the balls and so on until i came. it did take some of the tension away, didn't get rid of the pain completely but it was enough to go to work.

Work is being like shit for the last couple of days, my food cost ended 2% higher that it should and the gm of the resort is freaking out, it is the second time in 18 months that my food cost is over budget and the last time was last year. Also had to cover a shift on the grill for lunch, normally it doesn't matter but with my head like this it wasn't great.

By the time I got home I was worth shit, jumped in the pool to fresh up and lay on the afternoon sun feeling miserable. About 4 pm went to the room to take a small nap before coming back to work. I was fall sleep when I felt that girlfriend got in to bed and start to go down on me, kissing me from the neck, chest biting my nipples and continuing down, my cock was soft, usually she strokes it until it gets harder, but this time she just started like that, it was great to fell it getting hard inside her mouth, she gave some time to my balls, which I always like, then she straddle me ans started ridding my cock, at first I though it was just the second part of my tension relief treatment, but she was really in to it so I started pinching her nipples and grabbing her ass firmly, when I knew that she was starting to cum I spanked her twice and that was it she came really hard and after a couple of more pumps it was my turn.

We cuddle until I felt sleep.

03 July 2007

There is no place like home

Yep, sex count for the trip to Aitutaki, 1 blow job and 1 good fuck, not to much.

Aitutaki is great, but everything is so slow that slows you down, sleep in late, eat to much and just relax. We watched a lot of dvd's and had a great time, but were not feeling very sexual.

But once back in Raro things change, monday night girlfriend gave me a killer blow job, she took all the time in the world, she concentrated on sucking my balls and deep throating me, she had me on the edge of cumming three times and then she stops, kissed my shaft and balls until I calmed down and started again on the head of mt cock and taking it complete on her mouth.

After I came I went down on her, she was all shaved ans smooth, just the way i like it, she loves her clit taken care, she is not the tipe that likes to much getting fingered, so I concentrated on her clit and all the area around her pussy, she tastes like heaven and i was having a blast. She came in my face while she grabbed my head and squeezed her legs over my head.

I reached for the night stand draw and got some lube, not that girlfriend wasn't wet enough, but I wanted to try a new vibrating cock ring that i got as a surprise for her, she asked what it was and told her that it was a new toy. I put it and turn it on it felt nice but nothing out of this world, then I get inside her and she stars smiling instantly, she loved it, we fucked missionary style until she came, we rolled over and she mounted me cowgirl and started riding me like it was the first time. She was absolutely concentrated on her clit, I could tell she was having the time of her life. usually when she is in top of me she bends and support herself on my shoulders, this time she was grabbing the back of the bed and pushing harder on the ring.

After a few minutes she orgasmed and roll to her side of the bed on her stomach, i was almost finish so penetrated from behind and after a few pumps i was cumming and filling her with my cum.

This week is being great, we had morning sex 2 times and fucked almost every night.

22 June 2007

Romantic Getaway

Girlfriend and me are going to the paradise island of Aitutaki for the weekend, to a 5 star resort just to treat ourselves, good food, beautiful beaches, nobody around and hopefully great sex ;-)

Updates from the weekend next week.

Note: Aitutaki is were Survivor was shot

14 June 2007

There is something about Indian Food.....

Yes, there is something about Indian food that gets me laid.

I live in an small island in the south pacific. A year ago I tried looking it in Google earth and it didn't show. It is a highly tourist destination but still is not really developed, you can still feel that you are in a place to discover. All this is to tell you that there are not many restaurants in the island, so it has became a little tradition to go to the Indian restaurant on Tuesdays.

Last week it was girlfriend, Blair and me. we have a great time, food is always good, the butter chicken, lamb korma and chicken tikka were great, plus two bottles of wine and fresh naan bread.

Blair is one of our friends over here, he is from nz, but was raised in Pakistan and he is a fishing fan, so he takes us out fishing every now and then. He recently got divorced so every time we go out ore have people over give him a call, he is good fun.

So we are having dinner and girlfriend starts gently rubbing my leg with her foot, this is not something that happens very often, usually she waits until we are at home to start the approach. But this week thing were different, may be the wine or the spices in our curry's but she was hot. Tables don't have tablecloths so the action was very discreet, only like something that you do without thinking, but it was enough to make want to go home and fuck her brains out. later she told me that she was dying to do some more touching between my legs but she didn't dare.

We finish dinner, go to our cars say good by and head home, my car is broken so we went on girlfriends car witch is a cabriolet, so we ride with the top down, it was a beautiful warm tropical night, on the way back I start teasing her by pinching her nipples and caressing the inner part of her thighs, now I can tell she is speeding to get home faster.

Once we are home i go to get some water from the fridge when she grabs me from behind and unbuttons my pants, put her hand inside my undies and start stocking my cock. I turn around and we kiss deep, she takes my shirt off, bites my nipples, kisses me back, gives me that look that means that she wants me to fuck her brains out, turns around and goes to the room taking her skirt and top on the way.

By the time I reach the room she is on her back, just with that small red thong i gave her last christmas, I kneel on the bed, grab her legs and start kissing her from the ankles to her slit, slowly, using a lot of tongue and giving her small bites. i do the same with both of her legs while with my other hand I rub her clit from over her thong, I know she is starting to get wet.

I grab her panties and slide the up her legs up to my face, they are dump in her juices and smell so good. Now I open her legs again and reach her pussy, I start liking the whole length of her slit, from her hole to the clit, she tastes better than she smells, I kiss, suck, bite and rub her pussy until she comes on my face, on my way up I suck and give small bites to her stomach ant tits witch haven't being attended enough this night, continue with her neck and ears, and finally i kiss her deeply so she can taste herself in my mouth.

Then my cock goes inside her, missionary is her second favorite position after cowgirl, she loves when her clit is rubbed while she is being fucked, so I do that and is not longer before she comes again, know I lift her legs to my shoulders and start pumping her really hard and deep, she reaches to the wall with her hands to push back, she asks me if I am about to come, witch I am, so she rolls over and mounts me and starts riding me hard, after a couple of strikes I cum in her while I lift my hips and her in the air. She collapses on top of me, we kiss again, roll to the side to catch our breath.

Next post I tell you about our last curry night.

10 June 2007

Afternoon Sex

Yesterday we were having some people for dinner, as usual when we have guests my girlfriend gets on cleaning mode witch in a regular place will mean some sports pants and an old t-shirt, but in the tropics things get better. it was a beautiful day so we laid down by the pool for a while relaxing, having a couple of beers and catching up with our tan.

About 2 o'clock we start getting ready for tonight's dinner, so I start cutting up my veggies, and marinating my chicken and girlfriend goes on with her cleaning just with a very short mini skirt and the top of her bikini.

So there I am cooking with the constant view of girlfriend's ass coming out every time she bended to clean or move something. After a while I started to get really horny and funded hard to concentrate on my preps.

When she goes to the room I follow her, grab her from behind and start kissing her neck and shoulders, I untie her top from her bikini and start pinching and rolling her nipples, witch gets hard right away, she lefts out a small moan and turns around to kiss me, takes out my t-shirt and kisses my nipples.

I reach her ass and pull down her small bikini while she starts rubbing my cock over my shorts, she seats on the bed, untie the shorts and let my cock out, she stokes it out a couple of times, looks up at me, pulls out her tongue and starts licking the head first and then the shaft up and down from both sides while she play a little bit with my balls, all this without loosing eye contact. Then she opens her mouth and take my cock in it.

this goes on for about five minutes, and I am getting really horny, so I push her to the bed, lift her legs to my shoulders and start rubbing her slit with the head of my cock, she is all wet so when I start going in my cock just goes smoothly in, it is like coming home, I love the feeling of my hard cock going inside her.

I start pumping her hard and my balls are slapping her ass, she grabs the edge of the mattress to get a grip and push back. I pull out, open her legs and go down to her pussy kissing the inner part of her legs until I reach her wet slit, I concentrate on her clit, I know that it is her favorite spot, also put 2 fingers in her, she moans and grabs my head and pushes me harder to her clit. She is getting ready to come and tells me to fuck her, I stand up again and penetrate her in one stroke, start pumping hard until she comes.

Then i roll her over her stomach and start thrusting deep, i love the view of her ass, a few more pumps and i come inside her, i fall over her back and kiss her shoulders and neck. We lay on the bed for a while and then go back to our duties to receive our guests.

Dinner goes fine, everybody is happy and a little bit drunk. In the middle of dessert she tells me that she didn't put any underwear. This turns me on and as soon as the last one goes i close the door and we fuck again and fall to sleep.